Nous is a fintech startup aiming at improving people’s lives by saving them time and money on their bills.
With 2022 started a discussion on cost-of-living crisis, increase of energy prices and inflation. Nous is actively working at building the best proposition to help people by providing free advice and knowledge, free calculators and a premium service they are currently working on.


Illustrations and visuals for Nous social media, website and paid ads.
All the visuals are created following Nous style : clear line drawing with a black and white + one colour rule. The purpose of this style is to keep a sense of simplicity and calmness.

Platforms: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Nous pages.
Program: Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate.


Animation created to improve the user experience on the product page. They are used to improve the ‘how it works’ page and guide users during their onboarding process.

Platform : Nous website.
Program: After Effect, Premier Pro, Procreate.


Design and test of different page versions to support Nous marketing with the promotion of their concierge service.

Platform : Nous website.
Program: Figma, After Effect.

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