Zava creatives

Zava is an online doctor in Europe (UK, France, Germany) with a speciality in Travel Health and Sexual Health. I worked from 2019 to 2020 for this company as part of the creative team.


The new brand was a collaboration between Zava creative team and Mynt Agency.

The Zava identity evolved into a smooth and vibrant identity from where I helped define the photography and visuals style of the brand.

Supporting Agency: Mynt


Zava was mainly communicating digitaly through emails, social post, paid ads, infographics.

For privacy reasons, we could not portray models from image banks. The solution I found was to be as neutral and inclusive as possible with illustrations.

I also added a small animation to our visuals to catch attention from our audience and to increase our retention rates.

Product illustration

After some researches we noticed our German and British audience was reacting better to illustration inside our app.

I designed some illustrations and icons to improve the user experience in both countries. It resulted in an increase of positive app reviews.

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